VDRC-Nepal (Vijaya Development Resource Center)

VDRC-Nepal 34th Annual General Meeting and 21st Convention

VDRC-Nepal 34th Annual General Meeting and 21st Convention
VDRC-Nepal has successfully organized experience sharing and greetings program before its 34th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 03 October 2019. Key agenda items were sharing and approval of annual progress and financial reports of 2075/76 and program and budget for 2076/77 as well as distribution of Vijaya Awards. Following the AGM, the 21st Convention also elected the new Executive Committee for two year term.

Sharing Program Session
The session was chaired by Mr. Hari Lal Sapkota, Chairperson of the outgoing Executive Committee. Ms. Laxmi Gautam, Vice-President of VDRC delivered the welcome speech. Institutional information of the organizations belonging to the Vijaya Group of Institution was presented. Speaking at the program, Tilak Prasad Sapkota, the catalyst persona, suggested that the VDRC's contribution was incomparable which being taken away due to lack of publicity. Deputy Head of the District Coordination Committee, Sharada Bishwokarma, said the contribution of VDRC to social development was important, adding that it was successful because of the organizations promoted at the national level. Chairman Harilal Sapkota said that the suggestions received should be taken forward in a more planned manner in the coming days.

Annual General Meeting
Mr. Krishna Prasad Sapkota, Secretary presented annual progress report for 2075/76 and program plans for 2076/77. Likewise, Ms. Parbati Kandel, Treasurer presented financial report for 2075/76 and budget for 2076/77. All of these reports were discussed in the forum and approved unanimously. Members delivered their views and suggestions during open Q & A session. Special long-service Govinda Raj Binodi, Excellent Member Om Prasad Sapkota, Excellent Executive Member Parbati Kandel from the Executive Committee and Excellent Employee Nita Yogi, Agriculture Marketing Officer, Suaahara were honored at the program.

A three-member Election Commission comprised of Mr. Rishiram Sapkota (Coordinator), Mr. Jhalak Raj (Member) and Mr. Prem Prasad Sharma Chapagain (Member) was tasked for election of the new Executive Committee. The Commission underwent the due process and announced the new Executive Committee as follows:

President              Ms. Laxmi Gautam (Kandel)

Vice-President    Mr. Krishna Prasad Sapkota

Secretary             Mr. Bhumi Raj Chapagain
Treasurer            Ms. Parbati Kandel

Joint-Secretary    Ms. Rekha Shrestha
Members              Mr. Dip Narayan Sapkota
                               Ms. Sita Rijal
                                Mr. KhadgaJung Gurung
                                Mr. Tikaram Kandel
                                Mr. Tila Ban  Arjun
IPP/Member         Mr. Harilal Sapkota


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